Say Network Documentation

Say network oracle service provides results from URL based queries to next generation of Dapps — on Aeternity Blockchain.

Get started

Open-source GitHub v0.1.0

Easy to Use

With the use of Say API to use the full functionality of Say Network Oracles in your blockchain smart contract.

Faster Responses

Thanks to 3 seconds of block confirmation time, Get correct answers in immediate respone for your questions.

TLS notary for audit trials

Using TLS notary aws oracle page signer provides full audit trial of the requests processed by public ec2 image. Which can be accessed inside the smart contract along with the answer.

On-chain Proof Shield

With the use of upcoming ledger proofs, Say API will implement methods that will prove the result inside the smart contracts itself.

IPFS integration

To provide large responses or send the proof and to reduce the payload size of the response. Use of IPFS persistent consortium is planned ahead.

Inbuilt Secure Pricefeeds

Secure pricefeeds helps to obtain the price of a pair with an appropriate proof type to make sure the result was untempered before aggregated.

Encrypted Queries

If your URL requests requires API Key & Secrets to be passed along, You can make use of this type of query that will secure your secrets on blockchain.

Untempered Randomness

Providing untempered random bytes from secure application running on a Ledger hardware.

Time based queries

Time based method helps to schedule execution of your queries in future, It is planned to be available from newer releases.