Authenticity Proof Types

TLSNotary Proof

The TLSNotary Proof leverages a feature of the TLS 1.0 and 1.1 protocols which enables the splitting of the TLS master key between three parties: the server, an auditee and an auditor. In this scheme, Saynetwork is the auditee while a locked-down AWS instance of a specially-designed, open-source Amazon Machine Image acts as the auditor. The TLSNotary protocol is an open-source technology, developed and used by the PageSigner project.

When a developer calls for TLSNotary proof using oracle_proof type, It gets result with the audit trial in bytes format, which is the full self validating pgsg file with contents writted in this format:

TLS secret data : Encrypted traffic from server : Notary Signature

A sample pgsg file can be seen in the official repo

The problem of trusting a notary server has been addressed by the means of Amazon aws oracle, described in this bitcointalk post by dansmith